Hard at Work

So for those of you that still don’t really know what I’m doing out here in Ethiopia, this is a pretty typical day: The GW team and I rose early to check out… Continue reading

Lepis Hiking & Horse Back Riding Trail Development

This week the team of GW International Development students and I have been working with the Lepis community on developing two ecotourism businesses. The first one is a hiking and horseback riding trail… Continue reading

East Langano Land Issues

One of my goals of this past week was to coordinate with the communities about some upcoming business planning activities. This went well in Lepis and Ziway. However, in East Langano the situation… Continue reading

Lepis, Ziway & East Langano

Sorry for the picture quality but I was sans camera this week and took these with the old iPhone.

My Work

Perhaps this is a little late but I suppose I should write about what I’m doing, especially since everyone is asking! Currently, I’m working with the Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, a USAID project,… Continue reading

Weeks 1 & 2: Addis – Ziway – Lepis – Addis

A visual summary of my first few weeks.

Hello world!

So despite the fact that this is my third week in Ethiopia and a month has passed since I promised updates on my adventures, I’m just now getting to set up this blog.… Continue reading