….and I’m back!

Our faithful participants doing the "human knot" ice breaker.

So it’s quite a shame that I’ve been silent for the past six months or so. Much as happened and my busy schedule, lack of proper internet and travelling has kept me away from you all. Since I last posted I’ve been from Ethiopia to DC to India and then back to Ethiopia. The past few months, I’ve been working with ESTA to launch the seven community tourism enterprises that we worked on developing last year. It’s been both challenging and exciting but we are now at the point where we have well trained community enterprise managers that are in the process of registering their businesses and training their staff.

In the next series of posts, I’ll be uploading short videos that introduce you to the managers and their tourism products. These videos were made for the graduation ceremony for the 4 week intensive Tourism Operations and Management Course that we just completed. We hope you enjoy them!