Adventures in (and around) Ethiopia

I suppose I’ll need to rename my blog soon since it seems that I’m spending more time outside of Ethiopia than in it this last few months. Recently I’ve been spending time in the Pamiri Mountains of Tajikistan working with the regional tourism association. It’s been a great adventure in post-Soviet bureaucracy and carnivorous eating. It’s miraculous that I haven’t had stomach problems from either.

Although I’ve spent most of my time sitting in a small office “building the institutional capacity of the association”, I have had a chance to get out into nature here. One weekend was spent nursing my vodka hangover swimming in the cold waters of a lake fed by the snow covered peaks of the Pamirs while overlooking the mountains of Afghanistan. It was truly amazing.

Another weekend was spent with my house mates, hosting a Welcome To/Going Away party for me combined with 2 other parties. This basically means that half the town of Khorog was at my house. Look for some good pictures of our little mud abode, charming garden and ghetto tapchan (a platform covered with mattresses that you lounge on outside). Typically tapchans are constructed out of planks of wood but our lovely patio is made from a discarded wooden door, a metal rack turned on end, a pile of gravel and a chair which is perfect for someone that fell in love with the ghettos of both Hartford and DC.

Anyway, enjoy the slide show and hopefully more updates soon!