Hard at Work

So for those of you that still don’t really know what I’m doing out here in Ethiopia, this is a pretty typical day: The GW team and I rose early to check out some potential hiking trails in Lepis. Lepis is a community that is about 40 minutes off the main road and has potential to develop amazing hiking and horseback riding trails along with a campsite and food and beverage service. In order to really assess the potential of trekking, horseback riding and camping, the team was guided through the forest by community members. The hike was amazing if perhaps a little long (when an Ethiopia tells you that a hike will take 4 hours… don’t believe him… it will take 7 hours).

During the hike we stopped at a few sites that could be used for camping. At one of these sites the community members joined us and provided a wonderful lunch with delicious coffee and tea. We took the opportunity to review the project activities and get further community buy in and commitment from the community.

So this is a pretty typical day in the field… lots of delicious coffee and tea… many hugs and handshakes… and thoroughly rewarding work.