My Work

Perhaps this is a little late but I suppose I should write about what I’m doing, especially since everyone is asking! Currently, I’m working with the Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, a USAID project, to develop ecotourism in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. The project is working with three communities in this area including Ziway, Lepis and East Langano. The potential tourism products are things like hiking to a waterfall, horseback riding, community restaurants, a boat ride to a island that once hosted the ark of the covenant…you know normal stuff πŸ™‚

Basically this means that I spend most of my time traveling back and forth between the communities working with folks there to prepare the sites, do business planning, assess the market, plan for training, etc. The best part is that I get to meet all these wonderful people and spend my days in forests and on lakes instead of being in front of a computer!